Monday, January 25, 2010

Phototinting with Photoshop Elements 6 - Square Dancing Photo

Pin It Here is a fun and easy way to phototint your pictures using Photoshop Elements 6.  Our church had a fun Chili Cookoff and Squaredancing night yesterday and the kids had so much fun!  I don't have an expensive camera or flash, so it was difficult to get great quality photos of the kids dancing in the gym, but this picture turned out well.   They were wearing regular clothes which distract from the western theme.  What's the answer?  Photoshop it, right?!  Here is another very quick and simple way to tint your photos to make them look old.
  • In your Edit screen in Photoshop, open your photo
  • Go up to Enhance/Adjust Color and Select Adjust Hue/Saturation
  • Drag the Saturation bar down to about -80 or so and you're done!
Can you see how the picture looks black and white, but it also has a little bit of color?  This is so fun!
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