Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Flip Book Calendar - January

Pin It Every year I make new pages for a Flip Album calendar that I gave my sister for Christmas several years ago.  The photos on the calendar pages pertain to the month from the previous year (i.e. January 2011 page has a photo that was taken in January 2010).  Last year she gave me the previous year's pages so I could keep them.  Isn't she so sweet?  I just change out the calendar to the correct year and now I have one scrapbook page for every month of the year!  Perfect!  This year I took some photos before I gave her the new pages for Christmas.  I used the new Wings Level 1 pages and Stickease.  They were SO fast because I just cut the 12x12 preprinted layouts into forths!  For the next 12 days I will post each month for you, so keep checking back!  Thanks for looking...

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Erica said...

My favorite Christmas gift!! Love the new pages.