Sunday, September 30, 2012

October Stamp of the Month Blog Hop

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Welcome to the October Stamp of the Month Blog Hop! Over 60 consultants post different ideas using the stamp set and you can hop from blog to blog viewing these terrific ideas. You can start here or on any of the participating blogs and eventually you loop around to them all. If you came here from Beth Naumann's blog then you are on the right track. Let's get started! Here the little gifty item I made using one piece of 6x6 Pear & Partridge paper. It is so easy!

You simply take one piece of 6x6 cardstock (I love how Close to My Heart's cardstock is printed!)
  1. Place the cardstock diagnolly in front of you
  2. Put a chocolate candy in the center
  3. Use the candy as a guide and fold the left and right corners in toward the center
  4. Glue/tape your top corner over the other flap to hold it in place
  5. Flip it over and fold the whole thing in half
Thanks for looking! Now please leave a comment if you'd like and then  hop on over to Jen Patrick's Blog for more!
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Michelle said...

What a cute little treat envelope! Definitely have to borrow this idea!

Wendy Coffman said...

Clever idea! Thanks for sharing!

Adeline B said...

What a great idea!! Thank you for sharing it.

Angela Garcia said...

Cute little treat bag! Love it!

Max Macbeth said...

Very well done! This envelope design, I believe, can also be perfect for a boy’s birthday or bachelor party. Just change the red lining on the center to olive green and replace the “A holiday treat” card to a bottle of wine card. The color is attractive, quite manly even, and I think it will be very cool if a guy passes this around to all his friends.

Max Macbeth

Mary Eisen said...

Cute idea for a "treat"!

Krista Hershberger said...

Cute, CUTE! :) Love your idea! I also wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the Leibster Award! :) Check out my post on Oct 2nd for details on how to receive it. :)

Laurie said...

Love this - what a cute and easy gift idea!