Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Consultant Kit with the Spring/Summer Products!

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Have you always wanted to get a big discount on our amazing products?

Would you like to earn some extra cash while having fun?

I am so excited to introduce the Spring/Summer Consultant Kit. I wish I could buy it!  It has almost $300 worth of products in it and it's only $99!

If you've thought about signing up, but have some questions, here are a few FAQ's that might help:

How much does it cost?  It's only $99 and you have a chance to be reimbursed in products within the first 90 days!  Click here to see a list of what comes in the consultant kit.

What are the requirements?  Active consultants need to have $300 in sales each quarter. (Your own purchases count too!)  Just one workshop or gathering a month can help you achieve the minimums, but of course the more you hold, the more money you will make!  If a consultant does not sell $300 in a quarter then they drop down to a Junior Consultant which earns a smaller discount and commission. 

Who pays for the Hostess Gifts?  Close to My Heart pays for everything! This does not come out of your commission.  Plus, if you order $150 of products either for yourself or individual customers then YOU get the hostess gifts!  Jackpot!

What if I don't want to hold gatherings and just want to get a discount on my purchases?   Many consultants are "hobbyists" and that is great!  That is how I started out because I wanted the discount, but didn't have a lot of time to hold outside parties.  I was going to college full time (go Huskies!) and had a job, but now that my life has changed I enjoy earning more money and supporting my team.

How much can I earn?  Consultants earn between 22-35% depending on the monthly sales and can earn additional product credit and team commissions!

Do I have to have an outgoing personality to be a consultant?  Not at all!  That is one reason I actually became a consultant.  I was somewhat shy, but wanted to meet new people that enjoyed papercrafting as well.  It has helped me meet many of my closest friends!

What type of training will I receive? I gear my training based upon the desires of the new consultant and their skill level.  Personal meetings, online chats, and phone conversations are all great options.  My team meets once a month to go over business ideas, learn new techniques, and of course have fun!  In addition to my training, Close to My Heart also has am AMAZING amount of training available. "Start with Heart" is a program that takes you step by step and tells you exactly what to do when.  CTMH also has an online training academy where you can earn a bachelors, masters, or PhD! Conventions, Regional Conferences, etc are also wonderful events to participate in as well!

Why should you join my team?  I've been a consultant with Close to My Heart for 15 wonderful years and I truly love what I do.  My personal information is listed in the "About Me" section of the blog on the right in case you are interested.  On the business side, I bring a positive approach to my team and am available to help whenever you need me.  My team meets once a month and we have a blast learn a lot!  We have over 40 people in our team and everyone is treated equally.  Whether you are a hobbyist, hold 10 parties a month, or are an "adoptee," we all have a great time.  Everyone is so willing to help each other and is so friendly.  I would love for you to come to a meeting to check it out.  Just let me know if you are interested and I will give you the information.

I hope you will consider becoming a Close to My Heart consultant.  I am looking forward to showing you how to have fun while you earn money!

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