Sunday, December 12, 2010

Customer Appreciation #4: Gift Card Holder

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These are so fun and don't take very long either.


Item #  Description  Page  Price
X7130B Mistletoe Level 2 Paper 22 12.95
Z1311 1¼ Circle Punch 97 12.95
A1110 A Timber 48 7.95
Z2135 New England Ivy Ink Pad 101 5.25
Z2116 Cranberry Ink Pad 101 5.25
Z1086 Cranberry Waxy Flax 96 3.95
Z1103 Cranberry Grosgrain Ribbon 89 4.95
Z1151 Foam Tape 97 5.95
Z341 Mini Glue Dots 97 7.50
New England Ivy Ribbon retired

Directions from Customer Appreciation Day
  1. Stamp present on New England Ivy cardstock using the same color ink
  2. Stamp present on Colonial White circle cardstock
  3. Add adhesive on the inside of the folded background paper just on the sides to create a pocket. Make sure the large cardstock will be able to slide in and out of the pocket
  4. Glue skinny strip of cardstock to the center of the folded background paper with the fold at the bottom
  5. Cut a piece of 2” foam tape in half lengthwise to create two skinny pieces
  6. Open pre-folded cardstock
  7. Add the two strips of foam tape on either side of the fold inside the folded cardstock
  8. Glue small piece of background paper to the center of the rectangular piece of cardstock
  9. Peel backing off of foam tape
  10. Place rectangular cardstock in the crease of the folded piece of cardstock.
  11. Slide the present topper/rectangular piece into the pocket
  12. Punch a small hole in the circle tag
  13. Tie a bow with grosgrain ribbon
  14. Use waxy flax to tie the tag onto the bow
  15. Use 2 Mini Glue Dots to adhere the bow to the top of the present
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful idea! I am giving my sister a 5-pack Sudio J card, but wanted a special way to give it to her.