Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What is Your Favorite Thing to Do with Kids on New Year's Eve?

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Post your ideas here and I'll randomly select a winner who will receive a handmade card after New Year's Day!

And the winner is: Beth!  Congratulations!!  Just email me with your address and I'll send you a special card!

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Beth Naumann said...

What cuties! On New Year's Eve we like to have chocolate fondue with tons of "dippers" and then we let the kids stay up "late" to ring in the New Year on East coast time (we're in CA). :-)

Angela said...

Great idea Beth! We LOOVE fondue too! I wish we would have started the East Coast tradition when the kids were really little. They've had a taste of midnight in Pacific time, so now that's what they are expecting. Ugh oh! :o)

Linda Norman said...

Stay home! Watch a good movie and eat yummy stuff!

Angela said...

I used and Beth won! Congratulations! If you can send me your address then I will put a special New Year's Card in the mail to you!