Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Customer Appreciation Day 1: Quick & Easy Valentine's Day Card

Pin It I always like to add a quick and easy card at my workshops and this one fit the bill.  One tip to make a CUTE quick card is to always add a little "glam" to it.  It will do the trick, every time!  Please forgive the photography-challenged picture.  My camera died recently, so I had to take this with my phone.  I promise the rest of the pictures turned out better.  Remember, be a "Follower" and leave a comment for the next 4 days and you could win a bag of handmade cards!

D1445 Dec SOTM: Amore 109 0-22.95
1320 8½ x 11 White CS 96 6.75
Z2166 Tulip Ink Pad 101 5.25
Z2105 Black Ink Pad 100 5.25
Z1263 Bitty Sparkles 90 2.95
  1. Fold card in half
  2. Stamp heart in Tulip ink
  3. Add 3 Tiny Sparkles below heart—Use Piercing Tool to pick up sparkles and place them on card
  4. Stamp “I Love You” in Black Ink below the sparkles
Simple - Done!
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