Friday, December 10, 2010

Customer Appreciation Day #3: Washer Necklaces

Pin It I got this idea from Haley Dryer and I thought they were so much fun!  Can you believe it is made out of a metal washer?

Item # - Description - Page - Price
X7127B Magnifique Level 2 Paper Pack 10 12.95
Z1311 1¼ Circle Punch 97 12.95
Z1091 Finishing Files 5.95
Z679 Liquid Glass 99 6.95
Leather Cording
Large Hole Bead
1¼ Washer with 5/16 Center Hole


  1. Choose a piece of background paper that you would like to for your necklace
  2. Punch a circle using the 1 1/4" circle punch
  3. Place a washer on the backside of circle paper and trace the center hole with a pencil
  4. Use the regular hole punch to punch out the center
  5. Use Tombow adhesive to adhere the paper on the front of the washer (Cover the entire back of paper with adhesive, especially the edges or else it will pull up with dry.)
  6. Use the rounded finishing file to remove the excess paper from the inside of the hole
  7. Add Liquid Glass over the top of the paper making sure you don't add too much so it spills into the center, but that it has nice even coverage.
  8. Set aside washer to dry about 24 hours
  9. Use the following instructions to turn your beautiful washer into a necklace. I added a silver bead with a large hole on top of my washer to really make it classy.
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